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Boundless text terminal Afdrukken

Text Terminals

Boundless Technologies offers the world's most comprehensive line of high quality text terminals. Boundless is the largest US based text terminal manufacturer in the world and its world-class manufacturing facility ensures that every product is unmatched in both quality and reliability. Our unique and flexible manufacturing process provides cost-effective customization options without the volume or cost associated with custom made products.

  • No matter what the operating environment, the ADDS 60 will be right at home. The ADDS 60 emulation set includes the Wyse WY-50/50+, WY-60, the ADDS Viewpoint and PC-Term. The ADDS 60 is an ideal solution for customers using WYSE display terminals in legacy applications.
  • The VT510 is a low-cost, single-session ANSI/ASCII display terminal for the open enterprise, yet provides all the advantages of the traditional VT family, including plug-and-play compatibility, support for over 30 operating systems, and local copy and paste.
  • The VT 520 and VT 525 feature four independent sessions and split-screen viewing. In addition, the VT 525 offers 16 colors from a 4,096-color palette for highlighting vital information.
  • The Dorio 10 text terminals offer computing options for low cost single session solutions
  • The ADDS 3153 or 3153LF are a perfect solution for the requiring ibm 3151/3153 functionality, while the ADDS 4000 Series terminal is an excellent choice for those utilizing legacy  Unix or Pick systems.
  • The ADDS C1099A is the replacement terminal for the HP 700/96
  • Optional Ethernet Interface Adapters instantly convert any ADDS text terminal into Ethernet-based terminals.

  Boundless Text Terminal products


ADDS  4000/260

ADDS 3153

ADDS Littlefoot and 3153LF

VT 510 and VT 520

VT 525

Dorio 10
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