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Wyse Winterm
Enterprises spend billions of pounds to ensure that their computer systems are secure, reliable, and agile. Wyse elegantly, easily, and affordably eliminates these problems - and as a result, we save our customers enormous amounts of time and money.

The Wyse® Winterm™ line of thin clients has led the industry for the seven years it has been tracked. When integrated with additional hardware, software, and services they become part of a complete solution to a business problem.

Wyse thin clients run Windows, Java, Linux, UNIX and web-based applications safely on central servers using a thin display protocol. Applications do not traverse the network and are not downloaded into the thin client, eliminating user security and bandwidth issues common with PCs.

Get the right tool for the right task. Consider the operating systems best for you (Wyse Blazer, Wyse-enhanced Windows CE, Wyse Linux, Windows XPe) and then the platform (Versatile, Basic, Standard, Expandable, Integrated).
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Wyse Blazer

A simple and optimized thin client that is easy to install. The perfect inexpensive ICA/RDP appliance.
Windows CE

An efficient and powerful thin client with the right balance of features for environments needing a Windows user interface.
Wyse Linux

An adaptable thin client that is scalable from a simple appliance to robust workhorse.
Windows XPe

A robust and flexible client built to run the most demanding local applications including video and Java.
Streamline thin clients
Winterm S10Winterm S30 Wyse S50Winterm S90


Streamline thin clients

Winterm V10L

Winterm V30LWyse V50LWinterm V90L
Versatile thin clients
 Winterm V30 Wyse V50 Winterm V90
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