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UBDR Pro sets the standard in disaster recovery. UltraBac Disaster Recovery (UBDR) Pro uses snapshot, also referred to as image-based, backup and disaster recovery technology to provide lightning fast recovery for users of Windows servers and workstations. The software is compatible with every Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and XP operating system. UBDR Pro uses UltraBac's ability to perform image backups, along with a Windows based universal boot CD environment, to restore one or more disk partitions even when no operating system is available. UBDR Pro can be licensed for independent, stand-alone use, or it can be fully integrated with UltraBac's regular file-by-file backup and restore software.

Using innovative technology, UBDR Pro is designed to be an organization's first line of defense in preventing the undue financial loss associated with unnecessary computer downtime. After installation, an automated scheduler initiates snapshots (an exact image) of selected partitions to local tape or disk, or any network UNC path. A built-in Locked File Backup Agent ensures all files are backed up safely so they can be restored with integrity when required. The UltraBac Image Agent backs up only the active disk clusters within a partition, ignoring non-pertinent page files and hibernation files, saving on media space used and increasing restore speeds. Furthermore, the snapshot is compressed on the client side. This not only reduces network traffic when being backed up to a remote storage location, but also increases the overall throughput speed of the entire backup process.

Due to its fast transfer rate, UBDR Pro can restore a crashed machine's operating system partition in a matter of minutes – not the hours it normally takes to rebuild a machine using the standard file-by-file backup and restore method for recovering a failed system. The difference in the time and effort saved in recovering a failed machine using UBDR Pro versus other methods is substantial. UBDR Pro can restore at speeds of up to 3GB/minute on high-speed Gigabit networks or from local tape devices like LTO2 tape. To recover a dead server, a user need only insert the universal UBDR Pro CD, boot the machine to run the restore wizard, and initiate a restore with just a few clicks of the mouse. No other setup is required. After restoring a snapshot, a machine is recovered 100 percent to its last backup state after a quick reboot. UBDR Pro also offers built-in encryption so users can fully comply with security requirements for backup media stored either on or off-site.

Users have the option of performing either differential or incremental image backups after each new full image backup. The differential method provides a full recovery by first restoring the last full and then the last differential backup. The incremental method provides a full recovery by first restoring the last full and then each incremental backup in ascending date order.

Image technology can also be used to replicate new machines, perform system software upgrades, snapshot a stable machine before installing new hardware or software, and upgrade OS hard drives to larger sizes. All of these functions can be performed using UBDR Pro to add value to its ability to quickly restore a failed machine to operational status.

UBDR Pro Highlights:

  • Live OS backup to tape, disk, or network UNC path.
  • Back up active sectors only to minimize media requirements.
  • Ignores page files and hibernation file data.
  • Back up one or all partitions on a disk.
  • Automatically compresses backups.
  • Boot from a universal CD with no advance setup.
  • Recover from tape, disk, network UNC path, or USB/FireWire attached storage device.
  • Up to 3GB/minute restore speed.
  • Differential and incremental image backups.
  • Resizes partition when restoring to one physically larger than the original.
  • Recover a non-active partition while Windows is operating.
  • Initiate and monitor restore(s) from remote machine.
  • Built-in encryption option for security.
  • Allows static "mirroring" of local disks.
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for Windows XP and 2003.

The UBDR Difference:

UBDR Pro has been carefully designed to provide the utmost in server and workstation protection by minimizing excessive and costly downtime that usually accompanies a failed computer system. If and when an unbootable condition does occur, UBDR Pro can return the average machine to its operational status in 15 minutes or less.
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